• Saturday, 6 November 2021
  • The Maslow Hotel, Sandton
  • 9AM – 4PM, Live & Virtual Seminar

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In December 2012 Soso & Lwazi started Jewel Weddings, a wedding planning and consultancy business based in East London, inspired by their love for weddings and the excitement of creating unique experiences for couples.

An appreciation grew, however, that although a memorable wedding day provides a great springboard into which couples can enter into the institution of marriage, they needed more than that to ensure a successful marriage and thus the birth of our seminars offering.

The idea behind our seminars is to advance an appreciation that a marriage wins when the parties to it develop the courage, skills and wisdom to handle the various challenges that married life brings. In this way couples are brought to a place where they are able to work through their challenges and eliminate unresolved issues which could lead to the breakdown of the quality of the relationship.

Our seminar speakers offer practical advice to equip couples with the necessary tools for a successful marriage. We believe that every marriage can thrive.

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Live Seminar,
per person


Live Seminar,
per couple


Virtual Seminar,
per person


Q: Do I have to be married to attend?

A: No! Even though the seminar is geared towards married couples, the content will also benefit those who are engaged, single or who simply want to learn more about the dynamics that arise in marriage. We therefore encourage everyone to attend.

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