“Twelve years ago, this love journey began in the Kingdom of Eswatini. We met by chance and after a determined young man’s two year pursuit, we became friends by choice and now soul mates, as fate would have it. I have never met somebody so determined & couldn’t understand why, he would just not leave me alone. He couldn’t understand that he just wasn’t my type, you know, haha!”

“There was something about her, a lot actually…”just right” dose of everything…that kept me going back…guess who was the last man standing.The rest, as they say, is history. Persistence was rewarded. Charm sealed the deal. Love persevered. Our love, laughter and friendship has truly been a reflection of God’s Grace through and through.”

Those were the beautiful words of Nos & Thabo, as they reflected on their love journey. This wedding marked our second return to the kingdom of Eswatini. We are blessed to have been part of their life & love story. We wish them a lifetime of success, love, laughter and friendship.

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