Wendy Silinyana

International Speaker, Entrepreneur, WEDO AMBASSADOR, Brand Strategist, G20 YEA Member

Wendy Silinyana a connector and driven self-starter who established her own company VirtueBusiness Solutions in 2009 with the ambition and determination to empower others who havejust started the journey of entrepreneurship. She has founded various initiatives such asStartUp WakeUp, The Entrepreneurs Core , Designers Hub Initiative, Business OpportunitiesRoundtable (BOR), Style My Brand and My Afrika Travels and recently Table of Influence. Heraim for these initiatives is to support entrepreneurs and with emphasis on women and youth.

With a background in Public Relations Wendy has used her diverse skills and networking abilityto gain international and continental networks as a vehicle to drive and promoteentrepreneurship both in her community and internationally. She has widened her network toAsia, Australia and Italy, Columbia, Togo, Paris, Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, New York City, India, and Ukraine through her growing network of global business leaders whereshe promotes and advocates for collaboration, inter-trade relations and women economicempowerment.

A member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. She is an Award-Winning WomenEntrepreneurship Day Organization Global Ambassador and international speaker; she recentlyspoke at the EuroWoman Global Business Forum hosted in Ukraine in May 2021 and was aspeaker at the WEDO Global Summit in 2020 and an awardee of both organisations. She was amember of the jury for World StartUp Championship Competition in June 2021.

Wendy has worn many hats as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur occupying various positionssuch as Marketing Director, Sales Executive, HR Assistant, a Provincial Impact StudyCoordinator for the Regenesys Business School as well as the Host and Co-Producer of twodocumentaries on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), now known as Faith BroadcastingNetwork. She is also a former radio host at KNR radio station an online radio station. Wendy isalso known for 3 things namely; Style & Elegance and Women Empowerment, her thoughtprovoking quotes which she shares on her social media pages and uses to inspire, edify andawaken others to their true potential. make her a truly phenomenal woman. Wendy is a BMFYoung Professionals Development Programme Alumni and an Alumni for Women in PowerProgramme by Duke CE a Duke University corporate education arm in Durham, North Carlolina.She has just completed a Design Thinking Programme with Hedweeg Innovations( India).Wendy believes in Empowering yourself first and Empowering others

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